Artist Statement:

My art practice is about the physical and emotional architecture of longing. I focus on

my home city of Karachi, Pakistan, by incorporating traditional handicrafts, like stitching

and dying, with printmaking processes like collagraph and woodcuts. Through such

material explorations I want to layer in the many histories of this one place. The diverse

cultures that are reflected in Karachi’s streets, and how the space affects the people

living there.

With my prints I try to map my memories of Karachi and, at the same time, to project my

dreams for the future of that city. As a temporary migrant in the United States, a place

that feels oddly familiar due the pervasive influence of American culture and the English

language, I am simultaneously displaced and at home. Caught between those two

feelings, I look for the fragments of my city in my artwork: floating in a foreign space and

yet content with being incomplete.