The series called Boundaries, talks about women’s mobility in South Asian societies. My work highlights, the restrictions/limitations set on women not only by the society, but by their loved ones and by themselves. The fear of being out in a public space is engraved in women, they receive the message that it is their own responsibility to stay safe by avoiding risks. Drawing from my own experiences, My work explores how public and domestic spaces are gendered. The transition and the space for mobility, from private to public space.

The walls and balcony patterns of houses, refers to the  the invisible restrictions and boundaries, both self-imposed and socially-constructed, curtailing women’s freedom.  My prints maps out groups of women, in abstract landscape wearing veils, one of the many strategies women use to empower themselves and gain mobility. This work explores how women navigate public space. Exploring the meanings and limitations of boundaries that women experience, with very local references from my home city, Karachi.